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Plant Health Care

What’s Bugging You?

At Burkholder Plant Health Care (PHC) Company we not only treat the insects and diseases that are impacting your plants, but we also protect your gardens from the animals that feed on and damage them. We also protect your family and pets from insects that bite, sting, and can spread illness through our plant health care program.

Enhance and Sustain Your Landscape with Professional Plant Health Care

If you ask any horticulturist how to ensure plant health and vigor, they will likely give some version of “put the right plant in the right place at the right time.” However, landscape design requires that site suitability be only one of many planting considerations, not the only consideration. It is very common then that plants are established in places that are less than ideal for growth and vigor due to soil condition, available nutrients, water balance, sun exposure, and pest pressure. This predisposes most plants in the landscape to a weak stance, requiring consistent attention to current threats while amending the site over time to better fulfill the needs of the plant and building a more sustainable ecological system. Advanced ecologically based plant health care is possible in an engineered landscape setting, permitting maintenance of a beautiful aesthetic as well as a diverse and beneficial ecosystem, thus providing the greatest overall return on your investment in your landscape.

At Burkholder Plant Health Care Company, our program emphasizes proper diagnosis and precise treatment, using only state-of-the-art, research-backed methods and equipment. Our field specialists are educated, trained, experienced, and certified to manage all insect and disease pests, soil chemistry, and plant physiological problems to deliver genuine, lasting results. The field knowledge of our staff, coupled with the precision of our spray rigs, material selections, and treatment methods allow us to maintain proactive management of all aspects of plant health care, identifying and intercepting problems before they become economically or aesthetically damaging. Our objective is to maintain a close relationship of open and reliable communication with all clients, building the partnerships that will promote development of beautiful, long-lasting, healthy landscapes. From spot treatments to comprehensive, whole-property management and from the largest landscape trees to the smallest bedding plants, Burkholder Plant Health Care Company has the resources to deliver the attention to detail and professional care that your landscape deserves.

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I can’t speak highly enough of Starker and his team to even do them justice. After all of the landscaping in my yard came down with a mysterious disease last year, I was prepared to have my entire yard re-landscaped. Thankfully I was referred to Burkholder PHC who swiftly came to the rescue and within weeks my seemingly dead plants began to flourish once more. Now, looking at my yard, you would have no idea my plants appeared dead beyond hope just 6 months ago. Not only did they come back to life, but they grew exponentially and we are so thrilled we were referred. Thank you Burkholder PHC!!

Starker and Dan have been great with listening to my concerns about my shrubs and trees and addressing them..Starker is VERY knowledgeable! Since they began in the spring my plants have become healthy again. Where they were unable to revive they replaced (I am still in a 1 year contract with Burkholder) It has been a strange and difficult year for some plants! Worth the investment.

We started using Burkholder PHC this year, and wanted to take a moment to recognize Starker and Danny for their professionalism and expertise in the field. Starker developed a detailed care plan for our lot, including a particular focus on lanternfly treatment and prevention, and Danny was meticulous in taking care of everything from all our trees to every little bush. I also wanted to recognize the guys for being patient and answering all our questions and sharing their extensive knowledge with us. Unlike other service providers that would like nothing more than to be left alone, Starker and Danny are a breath of fresh air. Thanks fellas!

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