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Plant Health Care Solutions

At Burkholder, we know that the most economically efficient approach to protecting your investment in your landscape is to maintain plant health rather than fall into a cycle of constant plant decline, replacement, and redesign. In its ideal form, plant health care (PHC) is very similar to the model of human health care, with an emphasis on preventive measures and building resiliency, with intervention only called for when the threat gains an edge over the body’s natural defenses. Also for plants, the greatest resiliency is held within healthy specimens under stable abiotic conditions; however, soil nutrition, physiological problems, pest attacks, and weather conditions can work against and overcome these natural defenses.

Our Plant Health Care Solutions Include

Pest Management

  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Targeted Pest Management
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Pests of Human and Animal Health
  • Organic Pest Management

Soil Care

  • Spring Soil Amendment
  • Fall Soil Amendment
  • Prescription Soil Treatment
  • Soil Restoration

Cultural Management

  • Root Collar Excavation
  • Girdling Root Removal
  • Root Zone Invigoration
  • Sanitation Pruning
  • Corrective Pruning
  • Plant/Tree Supports
Walkway between mulched beds with plantings |Burkholder Plant Health Care Solutions

Weed Management

  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control
  • Post-Emergent Weed Control
  • Invasive Weed/Invasive Plant Control
  • Organic Weed Control

Biological Control

  • Predaceous Mites
  • Green Lacewing/Brown Lacewing
  • Ladybird Beetles
  • Praying Mantis
  • Wheel Bug/Assassin Bug

Growth Regulation

  • Root Application (trees)
  • Foliar Application (shrubs)
  • Broadcast Application (turf)

Deer Browse Deterrents

  • Spring/Summer Deer Management
  • Fall/Winter Deer Management
Hosta Plant Pest Damage | Plant Health Care by Burkholder Landscape


  • Plant Health Evaluation/Property Mapping
  • Soil Nutrition Analysis
  • Plant Tissue Analysis/Nutrient
  • Plant Tissue Analysis/Pest Damage

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