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What Is Plant Health Care (PHC)?

February 23, 2021

Plants can add a great deal of value and beauty to a landscape if they are healthy. While plants have the same basic needs, one plant’s health risks may be entirely different from another, even those on the same property. So what is Plant Health Care? Plant health care is the answer to the complexities and intricacies of keeping various kinds of plant life in the same landscape healthy. Through careful consideration of each plant’s needs and preventive measures, plants can remain healthy and make your landscape vibrant and attractive.

What Is Plant Health Care, And What Is The Goal?

Plant health care is a comprehensive and proactive holistic approach to maintaining the health and vitality all of the plants on a person’s property. Plants reside close to each other on a lawn, so actions that affect one plant (such as a tree) could affect others (such as a nearby shrub or flower bed). Landscape professionals use this type of plan as the basis of their lawn care and landscaping services, carefully considering the complexity of the plant life, and create a holistic program that ensures all of the plants will grow and prosper.

The primary goal of health care programs is to foster and maintain the proper environment for all plants on a property: trees and shrubs to flowers and grasses. Preventive care is another core goal, as preventing health issues from occurring is more effective than resolving ones that appear or spring up. Plants are susceptible to many environmental conditions, such as weather or pests and diseases. Fixing these issues is essential, but plant health care takes an extra step and proactively creates the environment and conditions that prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

Flower bed with stone walls along walkway | plant health care | Burkholder Brothers
Trees, shrubs, and plants in backyard with gazebo and pond | plant health care | Burkholder Brothers

What Are The Benefits of Plant Health Care?

One of the benefits of plant health care is that your landscape stays beautiful and attractive. To maintain their beauty, plants need to be healthy, and they need a comprehensive plan that supports and promotes growth. The holistic and proactive approach also means that landscape professionals can resolve any issues that affect your plants’ health and beauty much sooner, before any long-term damage.

In addition to a more beautiful and attractive landscape, a plan that ensures your plants are healthy can help make your property more valuable. For example, large, mature trees can add significant value to a property, but the trees need to be healthy and safe to provide that value. A holistic, thorough care plan can keep trees beautiful and healthy throughout their entire life cycles, so your trees can continue to be a good investment, both financially and aesthetically.

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