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Pieris, commonly known as andromedas or fetterbushes, are ornamental shrubs that are attractive all year round. It is native in mountainous regions of Eastern and Southern Asia and Eastern North American. The perennial shrub requires minimal maintenance. However, it is best planted in acid soil.

Pieris chewed leaves are often caused by:

  • Black Vine Weevil

Another common affliction against Andromedas is Canker disease fungi, leading to dieback of the shrub’s branches and stems. Canker disease fungi occur most often following periods of low temperatures or drought.

Pieris dieback/flagging is often caused by:

  • Phytophthora Rot

Pieris leaf curling/cupping is often caused by :

  • Phytophthora Rot

Pieris moldy leaves are often caused by:

  • Cottony Azalea Scale

Andromeda’s wilting is commonly caused by Phytophthora root rot. This condition is highly destructive and causes the roots of plants to become brittle and appear reddish-brown. The root rot itself may be caused by overwatered soil.

Another common disease Andromeda shrubs may suffer is chlorosis. Yellowing and browning are most often caused by Phytophthora rot or Black root rot. Compacted roots may cause yellowing and discoloration of the leaves. A lack of soil drainage, nutrient deficiency, and in other cases, lace bugs and mites can also cause yellowing.

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